Dave and Mahoney


Dave Farra @davefarra ~ Dave is the voice of reason on the show and the only one who’s organized. He’s very obsessed with his Google calendar! He’s married with four kids and someday soon hopes to have a pet raccoon he can add to his family. Dave likes to think that he has it all together, but like most of us, he doesn’t. When he’s not on the air, you can find Dave hosting and producing content for AXS TV, VSiN, The World Poker Tour and Tuff-N-Uff MMA on beIN Sports Network.

Jason Mahoney @mahoneysucks ~Mahoney is the show’s wild card and over-reactor. He also happens to be the world’s leading fast food forensic expert! (You’ll have to listen to the popular segment “Fast Food Freakouts” to truly understand) He always speaks his mind about any subject no matter how much or how LITTLE he knows about it. His opinions are regularly as big and outlandish as his personality. Unlike Dave, Mahoney is doing his absolute best to be as old and comfortable as possible. He and his wife are Disney Cruise fanatics and his ultimate dream is moving into a retirement community before the age of 55.

Audrey Drake @audreyonair ~ Audrey is the voice of compassion on the show. She brings an optimistic and positive perspective that balances out every conversation. But she’s not as squeaky clean as she may look, as she usually has the raunchiest jokes on the show! She grew up in the radio business and keeps the rest of the show in tune with what’s happening in Pop Culture. Audrey loves spending quality time with her fiance and her adorable Goldendoodle ‘Elle-Mo.’

Chris Jackson @chrisjax ~ Who’s Chris? Absolutely nobody. You may hear his voice occasionally on the show, but most of the time he’s putting out fires as he is the Executive Producer of the program. He’s also in charge of the complaint department, so you can imagine how much work he truly has on a daily basis! Chris is a music and radio nerd who tries to keep the rest of the show in line whenever he can.